Matteo Nunziati

I looked at this project not only as a single element, but as an entire seating system: like the individual notes of the guitar that combine to form increasingly thrilling chords and solos.

Matteo Nunziati

For Matteo Nunziati the Busnelli brand represents the perfect synthesis of the Brianza furniture tradition and innovation. The new concept intrigued him: a very bold idea that brings together different souls, different styles, different designers to interpret the relaunch of a great company. With Gilmour project Nunziati intends to bring a different kind of rock revolution, one that’s whispered more so than shouted. A revolution that starts from the element of detail, from the small scale like a single note, that combined with others creates truly complex chords



The slim and elegant island base resembles a natural wooden plank. The possibility to cover it in the same fabric as the sofa, or else a different one, allows it to blend in with the overall design or be utilised as a contrasting element to accentuate the composition’s rhythm.


The support surface featuring a raised edge and the practical open container space, both made of ash wood, serve as satellite accessories adding to the sofa’s comfort and introducing new functions in perfect harmony with the design.


The chaise longue is a comfy space to relax with its pared-back lines and volumes. it can be customised by adding cushions or a pouf with a support surface, providing additional leisure space.