Piumotto, the style icon that celebrates Busnelli’s heritage

Designed in 1973 by Arrigo Arrigoni and re-edited today by Franco Driusso, Piumotto continues to revolutionize the world of furniture with its enveloping shapes and avant-garde design.

A ‘cult’ item spanning generations
It was 1973 when Arrigo Arrigoni brought his vision to life with the creation of Piumotto. It was a time of audacity and experimentation, and Piumotto perfectly embodied the spirit of the era. But time does not stop, and in 2008, Boga emerged on the scene, reinterpreting the classic design in a contemporary context.

It was a tribute to Arrigoni’s mastery, but also a step forward in its evolution. Today, in 2024, it is Franco Driusso’s moment, as he captures the historical heritage of this iconic piece and projects it into the future.


Beyond common words
To capture the nuances of Piumotto, one must go beyond conventional questions and dive into a world of curiosity and imagination. If we want to describe its essence in three words, excluding ‘comfort’, ‘elegance’, and ‘design’, we might call it ‘reassuring’, reflecting on the experience it offers to those who embrace it, or ‘iconoclastic’, for its rebellious role in the world of design. Each choice invites us to explore Piumotto from a different perspective, a broader and more unexpected one.

In a constantly evolving world, where trends change rapidly, Piumotto stands out for its stability, representing a beacon of style and class that continues to lead the Busnelli brand toward new success milestones.

But what makes Piumotto so special?
Other than its distinctive design and enveloping silhouette, Piumotto is imbued with Busnelli’s values. It is a product that represents the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. Every detail, from the clean lines to the new distinctive buckle, has been carefully designed to offer an unparalleled experience of comfort and style.

Even today, Piumotto continues to be a cornerstone among Busnelli’s collections, testifying to the unbreakable bond between the Brand and its heritage. It is a symbol of avant-garde and excellence that never ceases to captivate generations of design lovers around the world.