Modular design: the adaptable beauty of change

Adaptable, transformative, modular. Modular furniture has become the undisputed protagonist of contemporary design: joined and subsequently separated forms, creating dynamic configurations in personalised spaces that reflect our stories.
Busnelli, with its high design collections, perfectly embodies this philosophy, offering solutions that not only furnish our spaces but also evolve with us.

Jagger and Dylan, the art of coffee tables
In the world of coffee tables, Busnelli presents Jagger and Dylan, two coffee table collections designed by Franco Driusso that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

Jagger stands out for its simple and versatile design, available in six versions featuring either round or square tops supported by an interwoven metal frame.

The varying heights and dimensions allow for unique configurations, making them ideal for both large and small spaces. Perfect for rooms with a lively, contemporary vibe, Jagger combines dynamic forms with sophisticated materials.


The archidesigner re-imagines living spaces with elements inspired by traditional Japanese geometries.


Dylan, on the other hand, is inspired by the shape of the Japanese Torii, showcasing a design that embodies minimalism and formal elegance.
Featuring two oval-shaped tops suspended over a delicate metal frame, Dylan exudes understated elegance. The three coffee tables in the collection offer a wide choice of top materials, including stoneware, back-lacquered glass, wood veneer or leather. Each one is available in different sizes and heights, allowing for versatile combinations and arrangements to suit individual needs.

Kōzo, stylish and versatile modules

The Kōzo system (design by Franco Driusso) – from the Japanese word for “structure” – reflects the essence of Busnelli’s new products: linearity, lightness and multifunctionality.

Depending on the modules selected, its accessories can become bookshelves, room partitions, coffee tables or floor lamps in various sizes and proportions.

Kōzo features practical shelves and vertical partitions upholstered in fabric or leather to match the seats it pairs with. Each module is designed for practicality and harmony, seamlessly blending into any environment.


Regolo, modular comfort

With elegant lines and flexible reconfiguration options, Regolo (design by Fabio Novembre) adapts to any situation, from daily relaxation to social gatherings.


The interchangeable modules allow the design of linear, corner or island configurations, meeting various space and style needs. The contrasting coverings, alternating different fabrics, enhance its bold and distinctive character, while the high-quality materials ensure an unparalleled comfort experience.

In an ever-changing world, the only constant is to embrace change with style and elegance. Be captivated by Busnelli‘s beauty, tailor-made for you.