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Milano Design Week 2023

Busnelli will be among the frontrunners of design at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 from 18th to 23rd April, bringing its new brand identity to the stage with a truly extra-ordinary collection.

Design lovers and those with an eye for beauty will appreciate the original display: the unconventional stand design will be hard to miss, revealing the unique personality of Busnelli products, illuminated in all their appeal. Visitors will be immersed in the Busnelli concept and captivated by the brand’s identity, enjoying the opportunity to interact with the new collection’s creations, but also the classic icons proposed in a brand-new guise.

Everything on display is the product of passionate teamwork by the Busnelli crew, including four illustrious interpreters who have given voice to the brand’s typically unconventional approach to design: Elena Salmistraro, Fabio Novembre, Marc Sadler, Matteo Nunziati. Plurality, Green Design, Heritage and Innovation, connection and experience: the keywords of this edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano reflect the open-minded, energetic and human-centric vision of design long-advocated by Busnelli.





Follow the B through the streets of Milan to discover even more about Busnelli. Visit our room experience in the Living Choices installation in Via Plinio 73, one of our new products at the Florim showroom in Foro Bonaparte 14, and the encounter between heritage and future at the Arrital showcase in via Melchiorre Gioia 8. Find our more in Milan.