Caleidoscopio: the art of breaking down culture to recompose it in style

Since the 1970s, Busnelli has thematised the concerns and debates spanning Italian culture and society.

Busnelli was able to anticipate, in language and style, the value of listening to the community, today an essential aspect of corporate communication. This instinctive sensitivity, innate curiosity, constant observation of the things of the world, led to the six-monthly house organedited by Gianni Sassi and Sergio Albergoni, Caleidoscopio, launched in 1969 to cater to an audience not only of insiders, but also those with a general interest in design, art and culture.

Leafing through its pages today is like diving into a visionary yet pragmatic time in history, when anything still seemed possible and the social fabric hummed with excitement. But there was also a lot of modernity in the early Caleidoscopio, a magazine fully immersed in its time yet so innovative in its content and in the many themes still tackled by Busnelli today, for example the significance of environmentally sound production choices or people’s relationship with their home.


Caleidoscopio has experienced several format and content shifts over the years, but has always remained true to its spirit, which is both playful and wise, bursting into lifestyle-defining contexts to view the world from its own unique perspective.

Caleidoscopio, in its ability to adapt to the numerous changes in society, aspires to continue surprising audiences, remaining open-minded with a curious approach towards artistic, intellectual and cultural research.

A new picture of reality emerges viewed from a variety of perspectives where design, culture and lifestyles take on new forms in the words, images, tales and visions of a talented collective.

Their job is to take cues and provocations from the cultural and artistic worlds and aggressively convey them into Busnelli’s visual communication, turning everyday furniture into recurrent metaphors for life and living.