Busnelli coverings: what do the 2024 trends say?

Natural materials, inviting textures, and a colour palette inspired by the earth.

The materials become not only functional elements, but also tools to express one’s personality, offering the opportunity to create welcoming and elegant spaces that reflect our desire to connect with the world around us.

Mix of styles and natural references
Sustainability and conscious choices are the decorative centrepiece for the year 2024, also protagonists of the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone with the theme Matter Nature. An ideal choice for those who want to imprint a green and raw identity to their home environments, perfect for unique and diversified spaces. Thus, make way for sofas that embrace the raw and authentic beauty of nature with fabrics that evoke sensations of calm and tranquillity. From earthy tones to organic textures, the choice ranges from a wide variety of materials such as raw linen, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics to promote environmental sustainability.

An ethic that envelops comfort
At Busnelli, we have dedicated special attention to sustainability, which has led us to offer a series of coverings in fabrics made entirely from recycled PET: made from post-consumer PET bottles, the fabrics give life to coverings that are extraordinarily soft and pleasant to the touch, such as those expressed by the independent and eco-friendly spirit of Grumetto (design by Elena Salmistraro).


Refined minimalism
The principle ‘Less is more’ continues to remain a constant in the world of design, translating in 2024 into clean and linear materials capable of expressing elegance without excess. Fabrics such as tweed and wool in neutral tones will take centre stage, offering timeless refinement that adapts to a variety of styles, from industrial to modern.

In line with the Busnelli tradition, stands out the wide range of leather, suede, or eco-friendly leather coverings with a soft touch and unparalleled softness, available in many colours, from classic to trendy ones, while virgin cotton, wool, and linen are used for a series of proposals with a soft finish and visually impactful effects.


Colours: not just Peach Fuzz
Nature also triumphs in the choice of colours, where shades such as olive green, curry yellow, or terracotta reign supreme. If integrated perfectly with the rest of the furniture, these nuances have the power to evoke a sense of calm, tranquillity, and harmony within the home. For those who are instead not satisfied with simplicity and aim to take risks, albeit in small doses, Busnelli offers the brick orange version of Regolo (design by Fabio Novembre): perfect for giving character to hybrid and personal spaces.

In 2024, we will therefore see a melting pot of styles, natural materials, and conscious craftsmanship, capable of effortlessly mixing heterogeneous elements and integrating the sofa into the environment in an original and unexpected way. And you? Which of these trends do you identify with?